Building* Abbr
Bancroft Library BANCROFT LIB
Horace A. Barker Hall BARKER
David Prescott Barrows Hall BARROWS
Stephan D. Bechtel Engineering Center BECHTEL
Sibley Auditorium (Bechtel) BECHTEL AUD
Raymond Thayer Birge Hall BIRGE
Richard C. Blum Hall BLUM
Boalt Hall, Law School BOALT
Botanical Gardens BOT GARDEN
California Hall CALIFORNIA
Calvin Laboratory CALVIN LAB
William Wallace Campbell Hall CAMPBELL
William Wallace Campbell Annex CAMPBELL ANX
Channing Courts (Ellsworth Street) CHANNING CTS
Cesar E. Chavez Student Center CHAVEZ
Earl F. Cheit Classroom Wing CHEIT
Clarence Linus Cory Hall CORY
Raymond Earl Davis Hall DAVIS
Doe (Main) Library DOE LIBRARY
Donner Laboratory DONNER LAB
Henry Durant Hall DURANT
Durham Studio Theatre (Dwinelle) DURHAM THTRE
John W. Dwinelle Hall DWINELLE
Dwinelle Hall Annex DWINELLE AN
Eshleman Hall ESHLEMAN
Bernard Alfred Etcheverry Hall ETCHEVERRY
Griffith Conrad Evans Hall EVANS
The Faculty Club FACULTY CLUB
Foothill Residential Complex Building 1 FOOTHILL 1
Foothill Residential Complex Building 4 FOOTHILL 4
David Gardner Stacks (Doe Library) GARDNERSTACK
A. P. Giannini Hall GIANNINI
William F. Giauque Hall GIAUQUE
Daniel Coit Gilman Hall GILMAN
Genetic and Plant Biology Building GPB
Goldman School of Public Policy GSPP
Haas School of Business Faculty Wing HAAS
Haas Pavilion HAAS PAVIL
Handball Courts (RSF) HANDBALL CTS
Jean Hargrove Music Library HARGROVE LIB
J. T. and Hannah N. Haviland Hall HAVILAND
Hearst Field Annex HEARST ANNEX
Hearst East Pool HEARST EPOOL
Phoebe Apperson Hearst Gymnasium HEARST GYM
Hearst Memorial Mining Building HEARST MIN
Hearst Gym Tennis Courts HEARSTGYMCTS
Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology HEARSTMUSEUM
Alfred Hertz Memorial Hall HERTZ
Hesse Hall HESSE
Joel Henry Hildebrand Hall HILDEBRAND
Hilgard Hall HILGARD
International House INTN'L HOUSE
Clark Kerr Campus Building 1 KERR CAMPUS
Daniel E. Koshland Jr. Hall KOSHLAND
Alfred L. Kroeber Hall KROEBER
Wendell M. Latimer Hall LATIMER
John Lawrence LeConte Hall LECONTE
Gilbert N. Lewis Hall LEWIS
Lawrence Hall of Science LHS
Life Sciences Building Addition LSA
John McCone Hall MCCONE
McEnerney Hall (1750 Arch Street) MCENERNEY
Donald Hamilton McLaughlin Hall MCLAUGHLIN
California Memorial Stadium MEMORIAL STD
Ralph S. Minor Hall MINOR
Ralph S. Minor Hall Addition MINOR ADDITN
Martin Luther King Student Union MLK ST UNION
James K. Moffitt Undergraduate Library MOFFITT
Agnes Fay Morgan Hall MORGAN
May T. Morrison Hall MORRISON
Bernard Moses Hall MOSES
Walter Mulford Hall MULFORD
North Gate Hall NORTH GATE
O'Brien Hall OBRIEN
Pacific Film Archive PAC FILM ARC
Pauley Ballroom (ASUC) PAULEY
Plant and Microbial Biology Greenhouse PB GREENHOUS
George C. Pimentel Hall PIMENTEL
Zellerbach Playhouse PLAYHOUSE
Racquetball Courts (RSF) RAQBALL CTS
Recreational Sports Facility REC SPRT FAC
Richmond Field Station 112 RFS 112
Recreational Sports Facility Field House RSF FLDHOUSE
Charles and Helen Soda Hall SODA
Spieker Aquatics Complex (RSF) SPIEKER POOL
Robert Gordon Sproul Hall SPROUL
Squash Courts (RSF) SQUASH CTS
Wendell Meredith Stanley Hall STANLEY
Cornelius Vander Starr East Asian Library STARR LIB
Stephens Hall STEPHENS
Sutardja Dai Hall SUTARDJA DAI
Tan Kah Kee Hall TAN
Tang Center (University Health Services) TANG CENTER
Edward Chace Tolman Hall TOLMAN
UC Berkeley Art Museum UCB ART MUSE
Residence Hall Unit I Cheney UNIT I CHNY
Residence Hall Unit I Christian UNIT I CHRST
Residence Hall Unit I Central UNIT I CNTRL
Residence Hall Unit II Central UNIT II CNTL
Residence Hall Unit II Towle UNIT II TOWL
Residence Hall Unit II Wada UNIT II WADA
Residence Hall Unit III Dining UNIT III DIN
University Hall UNIV HALL
Valley Life Sciences Building VALLEY LSB
Harry Richard Wellman Hall WELLMAN
Wellman Courtyard Trailers WELLMAN CRT
Benjamin Ide Wheeler Hall WHEELER
William W. and Catherine Bauer Wurster Hall WURSTER
Mr. & Mrs. Isadore Zellerbach Hall ZELLERBACH
*This building list belongs to UC Berkeley and can be found here